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Choosing a Sump Pump Backup System


A sump pump is one of the most significant devices for disaster prevention in most homes. The sump pump usually protects the basement from damages that can be caused by the excess water. Most of the sump pump rely mostly on electricity hence the chances of them failing are high, A good sump pump should, therefore, have a backup system in case of any breakdowns or power outages. In addition to power outages, there are other unforeseen incidents that can lead to the sump pump breaking down. Sometimes the pump may be too small to handle the excess water or maybe it is aged and its motor can no longer function properly. The main role of the backup battery, in this case, is to take over the primary pump's job of keeping your basement free of water in case the main source of power fails.


When looking for a battery powered backup then there are a few essential aspects that must be considered. Since there are different battery technologies available, the right one should be picked. The AC/DC pump can function off of both your wall current and a battery, only using the battery if power is unavailable. The DC pump, on the other hand, operates using the battery power hence the reason why it is not popular when compared to the other pipes.  Read more about plumbing at http://www.ehow.com/how_8119_become-plumber.html.


You will also need to determine the types of battery the backup sump pump is going to use for operation. Some of the batteries that can be used are the wet cell and the absorbed glass mat batteries. Each of them has its own pros and cons so the best one should be picked. The wet cell batteries are the most cost effective but hey always require regular monitoring to ensure that they are dry at all the times. The absorbed glass mats are efficient when it comes to their performance hence making them the better choice to be used. Read Battery Backup Sump Pump System Reviews here!


The pumping capacity and output is the next thing to look into. Pumping capacity can be determined by the size of the backup battery you are purchasing. The backup battery should at least pump the same amount of water as the primary pump to avoid flooding of your basement. Make sure that the backup battery you are purchasing has a horsepower that is almost equivalent to the Best Backup Sump Pump. If your basement has ongoing water issues then you need to purchase a backup battery which can deal with the problem in the most efficient way.